Agent Contact:

Paul Stelzer
Stelzer Clark, LLC

Ahtanum Business Park

1236 Ahtanum Road, Union Gap, WA 98903

Property Highlights:

  • Frontage off Ahtanum Road
  • Located within Ahtanum Ridge Business Park
  • Daily traffic counts 20,493 (W Ahtanum Road)
  • Zoning: Commercial (flexible uses)
  • Located in area with tremendous ongoing growth
  • SOZO Sports Complex is 7 miles from subject property
  • See Union Gap Regional Beltway Connector at for information on future roadway & I-82 expansion to and from site


Property Details:

Pricing as follows:

Parcel 191206-31404 … $12.00 PSF 54,646 SF (1.25 Acres)

Parcel 191206-31423 … $10.00 PSF 47,524 SF (1.09 Acres)

Parcel 191206-31402 … $10.00 PSF 41,006 SF (0.94 Acres)

Parcel 191206-31403 … $10.00 PSF 43,303 SF (0.99 Acres)


Aerial Map:

1236 Ahtanum Road, Union Gap, WA 98903

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